Hydrastore proudly take the crown with Robbie Williams


Hydrastore proudly take the crown with Robbie Williams

Hydrastore, part of the DCA Group of Companies, has recently been involved in the manufacture and supply of the hydraulic system and components for three of the dynamic mobile set features for Robbie Williams current 26 date stadium ‘Take the Crown’ tour.

Kicking off at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium the tour has been described as ‘a two hour, rip roaring high octane live show’ by the press. In his spectacular entrance Robbie emerges from his own head above the stage, before whizzing down a zip wire with flares shooting out.

Hydrastore were appointed by Brilliant Stages who they have worked with on a number of stadium tours over the years for the likes of U2, Tina Turner and Sara Brightman, and more recently supplied the hydraulic system to power and control the spectacular 60ft ‘OM’ robot at Take That’s Progress Live Tour 2011, another huge production featuring Robbie Williams.

As part of the brief, Hydrastore was responsible for completing the hydraulic circuit design, supplying a fully tested set of components and working with Brilliant Stages engineers in completing the commissioning of three self-propelled vehicle chassis. All three vehicles are battery powered, providing clean air power, to 4 –off 24vdc motor pump sets. Which in turn provide 4 speed hydrostatic drive to the front wheels of each vehicle. The vehicles with front and rear hydraulic steering are driven up to the stage, then onto the set were they are then edge guided around in full view of the audience. The 8 tonne “Steam Punk” assembly is built onto the chassis and around the driver in his recaro seat. To one of the 4 tonne chassis is mounted the “Phrenology” head and to  the other 4 tonne chassis is mounted the Robbie 15 meter high look alike “Skull”. Additional hydraulic circuitry enables the driver to turn the head on “Steam Punk” and rock “Phrenology” from side to side. From the “Skull” he also controls the release of hundreds of balloons.

Allan Lee from Hydrastore quotes ‘it was amazing to witness the three self-propelled vehicles evolve into such dynamic and spectacular creations’.

Tony Bowen, Technical Director and Project Manager from Brilliant Stages quotes ‘Hydrastore have assisted us over many years with Hydraulic solutions on special projects. They have consistently worked with us producing a reliable quality product which has assisted us in fulfilling our clients brief. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with them’.