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Type: Ital Radial Piston

The original series of fixed displacement radial piston hydraulic motors. Available in a wide range of displacements, 100cc-8000cc, it offers very high volumetric efficiency and is ideal for motors requiring high torques and low speeds.

  • Fixed displacement
  • Displ. range: 100 cc/rev - 8000 cc/rev
  • Wide speed range: 0.5 to 950 rpm
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Interchangeable mounting face


The series of hydraulic motors with 9 radial pistons offer high speed and compactness, in both single and double displacement types. All available starting from 20 cc to provide the efficiency of the radial piston construction type even for small displacements.

  • Fixed & dual displacement
  • Displ. range: 20 cc/rev - 100 cc/rev
  • Speed: up to 2400 rpm
  • Compact design
  • High cavitation resistance
  • Freewheeling operation