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Power Units

Type: Industrial

Weld clamping fixture

This hydraulic clamping system was designed to the customer's requirements and included a 4kw Power Unit with Atos control valves and eight Hydrocontrol lever valves mounted around the fixture frame controlling a total of 32 cylinders. Along with the HPU Allison's supplied the electric control panel, the hoses, the installation and commissioning.

Weld clamping fixture illustration 1Weld clamping fixture illustration 2Weld clamping fixture illustration 3

20 Tonne Lifting Trolleys

Allison's have supplied a complete hydraulic solution for a bespoke lifting system used to wind electric rotors weighing up to 20 tonnes. To meet the stringent accuracy requirements an Exertus CCD1100S compact control system combined with proportional pressure compensated flow control valves was adopted. Allisons wrote the software and supported in the installation and commissioning of the system. The user interface consisted of a single joystick with all operations and diagnostic information being displayed on the Exertus colour screen.

20 Tonne Lifting Trolleys illustration 120 Tonne Lifting Trolleys illustration 220 Tonne Lifting Trolleys illustration 3

Automated Production Systems

Allison's designed, built, installed and commissioned hydraulic power units for an automated production line producing crimped suspension bushes and radiator punched aluminium strips. As well as the challenge of producing a fast and efficient system space was constrained and considerable consideration, at the design stage, had to be given to the layout to ensure the equipment fitted within the limited area.