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PVG 48 is designed for maximum flexibility based on proven PVG technology and modularity that simplifies the design process, manufacturing and aftermarket activities. PVG 48 enables flow up to 180 l/min work port flow and the complete actuator portfolio from PVG 32 can be applied, enabling a seamless integration with the pre-compensated valve familiy. It is directly stackable with PVG 16 and PVG 32 and can be stacked with PVG 128/256 via an interface plate.


By using PVG load-sensing technology in combination with a variable displacement pump, it’s possible to achieve a significant reduction in energy loss. PVG valves also reduce heat generation and increase efficiency and power density, which helps OEMs to meet the challenges posed by new diesel engine emissions legislation.

OEM and machine benefits

  • Modular design, providing a wide range of configuration possibilities
  • Load-independent flow control for precise operation and improved productivity
  • Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system life

Product features

  • Configurable as advanced electrically controlled proportional valve as well as load sensing directional control valve
  • Prevention against work port pressure build up Individual work port pressure setting
  • Zero-leakage work modules

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