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What is industrial radio control?

By definition radio control is the use of control signals transmitted by radio to remotely control a device. Within industrial sectors radio control has many applications. These usually revolve around the teleoperation of heavy machinery, sometimes in hazardous environments where operator safety is paramount, or where manual control is simply impractical or inefficient. Increasingly radio control is used to assist in the automation of computer controlled mobile hydraulic applications, where human operator input is minimal or the control relays required are complex.

At the most basic level, radio control consists two fundamentals:

1. The transmitter

The control unit that, when triggered, sends commands as a radio signal is the radio control transmitter. This can sometimes be handheld, or part of a fixed terminal.

2. The receiver

An antenna which receives the radio signals and then interpreted by the circuit board is the radio control receiver. These commands, once verified trigger action from the connected system.

Radio control solutions

Radio control transmitters, and complimenting receivers, exist for practically every mobile hydraulic control challenge imaginable. Off-the-shelf radio control solutions will provide the answer to a large majority of application demands. Equally customised radio control solutions can be developed to meet more specialised and unique mobile hydraulic requirements.

Amongst the radio control transmitter solutions which can be supplied by Hydrastore are the Belly Box transmitters. This is carried by an operator and is either fastened to their waist or held in two hands to aid productivity.

Similarly the harness style has fittings so the transmitter can be shoulder mounted. This increases both the safety and comfort of the operator by reducing fatigue whilst out on site.

Pistol grip transmitters

The one handed button style of radio transmitter provides an economical solution when a company unit is required. They can be operated indoors or out on site in virtually any conditions and have polycarbonate casing to ensure rigidity. They can be supplied in a multitude of sizes and are an economical and highly reliable mode of mobile hydraulic control. If your situation demands a small and lightweight solution then the pistol grip transmitter from Hydrastore are a perfect fit.

What if we need to use more than one transmitter?

Programmable multi frequency sharing transmitters are an innovative solution when multiple transmitters are required in close proximity. Operators can use a PC to configure and customise radio controls wirelessly via proprietary software from a remote location.

Field bus communication receivers

For point-to-point communication Hydrastore can supply field bus communication receivers for almost any application. Specific bus interfaces can be matched to most mobile hydraulic systems.

Installation of industrial devices and components in hazardous areas

For mobile hydraulic equipment operating in hazardous environments, such as the mining sector, or the oil and gas rig industry, explosion proof transmitters and receivers are the answer to maximising operator safety. These are tested and certified for Zone 1&2 Gas and Zone 21 & 22 DUST requirements. They have also been designed to meet regional and international standards such as ATEX, NEC, and FM.

Hydrastore has a huge range of industrial radio control solutions

Hydrastore will take the time to understand your mobile hydraulic radio control technical challenges. This is key to supplying the most effective solution; one that is both efficient and cost effective. Whether employing mainline components from the standard components catalogue, or designing a bespoke and fully integrated radio remote control solution as part of an industrial scale system, Hydrastore, based in the UK, should be your first and last port of call.