We have a comprehensive range of the best quality electronic control components, designed and made by the most trusted brands in the industry.

From sensors to software, Hydrastore’s electronic control components are designed to support your hydraulic system. Take a look at our latest selection of electronic controls, and if you want to know more, please contact the team at Hydrastore.

Premium Electronic Brands at Hydrastore

At Hydrastore, we only work with tried-and-trusted manufacturers. Our electronic control components are designed by expert engineers with in-depth knowledge of hydraulic systems and their needs.

We supply control components made by leading engineering brands including Exertus, Danfoss and Atos.


Have a look at our large range of controllers from expert brands such as Danfoss and Exertus. The CAN controller receives, stores and transmits information in your CAN bus system: an essential component that you have to be able to trust. Our selection covers a range of applications, from compact units to large, industrial controllers with up to 60 configurable I/Os.

We also have a selection of sensors from Exertus. The CAN system’s sensor detects and relays events to the processor, so it simply has to be reliable.

Displays for Electronics Applications

At Hydrastore, we stock a selection of the latest CAN bus system display units from industry leaders Danfoss and Exertus. There are both display units and compact combination display and control units.

Screens go from compact, smartphone size to large 12" displays. Look out for features such as touch-screen control and hi-res colour. The combination of robust housing, intuitive interfaces and superb graphics make today’s screens easy to use in a range of applications and conditions.


Make sure everything runs smoothly by installing the right software. We work with leading electro-hydraulic experts, Atos. You can download and purchase their programming software from the Hydrastore website.

Digital and Analogue Drivers

For digital drivers, check out our range from Atos, which offer exceptional control and accurate, reliable performance. This innovative Italian company is a global leader in electro-hydraulic technology, combining IT skills with engineering know-how. If you are looking for an analogue driver, again, take a look at our selection by Atos.

Electronic Foot Pedals

Make sure your operators are firmly in control with our range of electronic foot pedals. Designed and made by brands such as Danfoss, these pedals are created with safety, intuitive use and reliability in mind. With operating lives of up to 3 million cycles, this is a purchase you won’t need to keep repeating.

Electronic Joysticks

Take a look at our selection of heavy duty, ergonomic joysticks. Try a joystick from Danish engineering manufacturers Danfoss, who specialise in robust solutions that place the end user at the centre, with features such as multiple grips and super-smooth movement.

To find out more about our range of electronic control components, please contact the team at Hydrastore. If you don’t see the specification you need, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.