At Hydrastore, we have a wide stock of top-quality and durable rotary actuators. These hardworking components provide an angular or rotating movement, whilst providing very high torques and accurate positioning. Some applications require both lift and turn functionality in a compact package, HKS actuators provide such equipment.

If you‘re looking for a rotate and lift actuator, for a heavy-duty lifting application such as a rubbish truck, we have a selection from leading engineering brand, HKS Partners. The German manufacturer specialises in robust and reliable rotary actuators, which are used across the globe, including in deep-sea environments.

Their powerful rotate and lift rotary actuators are found worldwide in production lines, in mines and in manufacturing industries - anywhere where loads need to be both lifted and turned.

HKS Rotary Actuators at Hydrastore

German-based engineering firm HKS Partners has been designing and making industry-leading engineering components since 1970. Renowned for their top-quality products, they are one of our most trusted suppliers. At Hydrastore, we‘re confident to recommend HKS actuators, as they‘re built to last and to an extremely high specification.

Working worldwide, HKS makes rotatory actuators for a whole range of specialist applications, from bin truck rotate and lift components to super-tough shipbuilding and industrial equipment. Everything is built to work in robust and challenging environments and with the brand‘s signature precision.

Rotary Actuators for a Range of Applications

At Hydrastore, we have a wide choice of HKS rotate and lift rotary actuators. Their popular binlift actuator is practically maintenance-free and has a compact, ergonomic design. Suitable for all lifting devices, all rotation angles are possible with this versatile actuator.

The DHK-H-ZV is a rotary-lift combination, with a linear cylinder in front of the rotary actuator. The two movements can be executed separately or simultaneously. The HKS DHK-H-ZV actuator has a hardworking lifting capacity of 360,000 N and is suitable for a great range of applications.

Working in more confined spaces? The DHK-H-ZH model is shorter than the DHK-H-ZV, with the linear cylinder behind the rotary actuator. It can be used in tighter areas, with no compromise to its performance. The ZH has a higher working pressure than the ZV counterpart, at 210 bar compared with 160 bar. The lifting capacity of the smaller rotary-lift actuator is 150,000 N. Both models are found in industrial equipment across the world.

For high speed and durability, try the mighty HKS double piston rotary actuator. This rack and pinion model is flexible when it comes to applications, and can take a large load.

Speak to the Team of Experts at Hydrastore

At Hydrastore, we have a comprehensive selection of rotate and lift actuators from HKS Partners. We also stock their mobile, offshore and industry series ranges of rotary actuators.

If you would like to know more about any of these rotary actuators, please contact us at Hydrastore. We‘ll talk to you, engineer to engineer, and make sure you have the right component for the job.