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This assembly is designed for single acting cylinder applications where a lift, hold and lower operation is required. A compact banjo mounted design is used which allows for fitting direct onto the loaded port of a cylinder. In the first part of the cycle oil is allowed to pass freely through the valve assembly with the solenoid valve being energised or de-energised depending on valve selection / desired operation. When stopped, the solenoid valve is de-energised thus holding the cylinder in place and preventing the cylinder from being able to move back. The final part of the cycle sees the solenoid valve being energised allowing the cylinder to return back to its initial position.


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Part no.DescriptionMax. flow (lpm)Max. pressure (bar)PriceQty
RF-3535B0008HC12ABANJO LOCK VALVE, NC, 8 LPM PCFC, G038, 12VDC30240£99.10
RF-3535B0008HC24ABANJO LOCK VALVE, NC, 8 LPM PCFC, G038, 24VDC30240£99.35
RF-3535B0M00HC12ABANJO LOCK VALVE, NC, OVERIDE, G038, 12VDC30240£93.36
RF-3535B0M00HC24ABANJO LOCK VALVE, NC, OVERIDE, G038, 24VDC30240£93.61

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