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RE Motor

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Product information

The RE orbital hydraulic motors strike a well-balanced blend of cost-effectiveness and performance, delivering robust power output without straining your budget. These motors exhibit excellent performance across a considerable array of applications, with a particular aptitude for low-flow, high-pressure scenarios.

Upon startup, the hydraulic pressure initiates a flexion in the balance plate toward the rotor, significantly enhancing volumetric efficiency. As the motor attains its operational pressure, the balance plate returns to its original state, granting the rotor unhindered rotation and consequently increasing mechanical efficiency. The transfer of this power to the output shaft is facilitated by an exceptionally durable drive link, setting new standards within its class.

The motor's adaptability is further augmented by the availability of four bearing options, along with standard mounting flanges and output shafts, enabling tailoring to suit virtually any application.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Superior High-Pressure Shaft Seal ensures extended seal life and superior performance, negating the need for a case drain.
  • A choice of Three Bearing Options permits the motor's load-bearing capacity to be finely matched to the specific application requirements.
  • The Heavy-Duty Drive Link stands as the most durable option within its category and benefits from full-flow lubrication for prolonged operational life.
  • The Valve-In-Rotor Design offers a cost-effective means of efficiently distributing oil, simultaneously reducing the overall motor length.
  • The Pressure-Compensated Balance Plate enhances volumetric efficiency, particularly at lower flow rates and higher pressures.
  • Optional sensoring capability is available to further enhance the motor's versatility and functionality.

Ordering chart

Part no.DescriptionDisplacement (cc/rev.)Max. pressure (bar)Continuous torque (Nm)Max. flow (lpm)PriceQty
505-120-W38-21-BAAAA120CC/REV RE ROLLER-STATOR12120732745£369.25 £381.00
505-200-A51-21-BAAAA200CC/REV RE ROLLER-STATOR20420763368£369.25 £391.00
505-350-W38-21-AAAAA350CC/REV RE ROLLER-STATOR34820792183£397.16 £419.00

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