Ronzio GROUP 3 - Z3 SERIES Hydraulic Gear Pump

GROUP 3 - Z3 SERIES Hydraulic Gear Pump illustration

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Product information

Aluminum fixed displacement gear pumps with cast iron end covers, standard 4 bolts European flange, 1:8 taper shaft and BSP tapped ports.

Data sheets

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Ordering chart

Part no.DescriptionDisplacement (cc/rev.)Max. pressure (bar)PriceQty
03ZAG25C064DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 24.9CC/REV CW24.9280£444.17
03ZAG25C064SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 24.9CC/REV CCW24.9280£444.17
03ZAG35C064DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 34.3CC/REV CW34.3280£444.17
03ZAG35C064SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 34.3CC/REV CCW34.3280£444.17
03ZAG45C064DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 45.2CC/REV CW45.2250£455.76
03ZAG45C064SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 45.2CC/REV CCW45.2250£455.76
03ZAG55C065DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 54.4CC/REV CW54.5230£455.76
03ZAG55C065SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 54.4CC/REV CCW54.5230£455.76
03ZAG64C065DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 63.9CC/REV CW63.9200£478.28
03ZAG64C065SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 63.9CC/REV CCW63.9200£478.28
03ZAG70C065DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 70.0CC/REV CW70170£504.03
03ZAG70C065SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 70.0CC/REV CCW70170£504.03
03ZAG70C067DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 70.0CC/REV CW70170£504.03
03ZAG70C067SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 70.0CC/REV CCW70170£504.03
03ZAG80C067DNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 78.7CC/REV CW 78.7170£525.29
03ZAG80C067SNGRP 3 GEAR PUMP 78.7CC/REV CCW78.7170£525.29

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