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The OMP / WP / MP Hydraulic Motor series, with spool valve design, offers an economic solution for many hydraulic systems. Intended for light duty applications , the OMP / WP / MP series offers many advantages, such as compact size, good speed range, effective torque and low weight. The OMP / WP / MP series motors are used in many industry sectors.

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Ordering chart

Part no.DescriptionDisplacement (cc/rev.)Max. pressure (bar)Continuous torque (Nm)Max. flow (lpm)PriceQty
155-025-A63-12-BAAAA25CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT251003540£135.17
155-032-A63-12-BAAAA32CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT321004550£136.56
155-040-A63-12-BAAAA40CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT401006560£139.00
155-050-A63-12-BAAAA50CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT501409160£142.51
155-080-A63-12-BAAAA78CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT7816016460£143.05
155-100-A63-12-BAAAA96CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT9616019560£145.26
155-125-A63-12-BAAAA125CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT12516025860£146.64
155-160-A63-12-BAAAA159CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT15916032160£148.21
155-200-A63-12-BAAAA200CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT19015038060£152.59
155-250-A63-12-BAAAA240CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT24014044560£154.49
155-315-A63-12-BAAAA303CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT30312046060£165.87
155-400-A63-12-BAAAA388CC/REV WP MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT3889548860£176.09

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