Exertus Electronic Control

At Hydrastore, we have a large range of premium components from market leaders Exertus. The Finnish engineering firm is highly respected within our industry for its top quality and reliable CAN bus systems.

Take a look at our selection of Exertus electronic controllers and displays.

Exertus Controllers

The CAN controller receives, stores and transmits information. It plays a vital part in your CAN bus system, so you need a robust controller that you can trust.

Exertus specialise in system components for a range of applications; and at Hydrastore, we have a selection from the compact and versatile CCM1100S through to the mighty MIC2100S.

The HCM3210S is a small but tough hybrid controller module that‘s ideal for industrial environments, and is an excellent value component. It has 20 I/Os. If you need more configurable I/Os, but still need a smaller unit, go for the compact HCM2010S which has 60.

For advanced applications, the MIC2100S can be used as a CAN network management master that controls other nodes in your network. With 45 configurable I/Os, it enables you to connect to many other devices and relays. For a compact universal controller with 40 I/Os, try the MIC1100S.

If you want a compact computer unit, try Exertus‘ ECM2020, an Edge Computing Module, which has several wired interfaces and enough memory to store data locally should you need to. Its robust case makes it ideal for heavy industry applications.

For your CAN bus hub, go for the reliable and durable CH8SH model, with built-in diagnostic features and robust protection.

This is just a selection of the Exertus controllers we have at Hydrastore. Have a look at our complete range, and contact us if you need to discuss your CAN bus system‘s requirements.

We also stock some sensors from Exertus. Again, you need your CAN system‘s sensor to be reliable, as it carries out its essential role of detecting and relaying events to the processor.

Exertus Displays at Hydrastore

At Hydrastore, we have a wide choice of CAN bus system display units from Exertus. We have both display units and compact combination display and control units. Intuitive functionality combined with sharp graphics makes Exertus display units an excellent choice.

Exertus displays vary from small 3.5” screens to generous 12”-plus sizes. High-res colour displays, touch-screen options and single-cable connection make the displays easy to work with.

The CDC2000X is both a display unit and controller in one neat little package. It benefits from a real-time clock and alarm, and also has a unit of memory.

The RD070SV is a remote display. Its 7” screen can be divided into four video feeds connected to your MIC1100S controller.

Designed for tough environments, the RD084S2 is compatible with your MIC1100S controller and has a clear, 8.4” colour display that can show four feeds. Go large with the 12.7” RD121S2, which also works with the MIC1100S.

Again, this is just a selection of products from our Exertus range of system displays. If you‘d like to know more about our Exertus displays and the components they‘re compatible with, please get in touch with us at Hydrastore.

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