Hydrastore’s Range of Axial Piston Motor

As official distributors to major hydraulic component manufactures we are able to offer our customers tier 1 pricing without compromising product reliability and quality. At Hydrastore, we have the capability to stocks vast supply of axial piston motors all based in our UK depots and ready for same day dispatch. No matter what your system requires or which manufacturer you need, we have the solution at hand and the expertise to help you ensure adaptability.

What is an axial piston motor?

Axial piston motors are used across industrial and mobile sectors and are usually the motor chosen for flows above 5L/min and up to 415 bar. They are positive displacement pumps that can be used as a stand-alone motor with great reliability allowing regulation of flow and pressure which means a simple and inexpensive hydraulic system.

How does an axial piston motor work?

An axial piston motor is a type of hydraulic motor that uses multiple cylinders assembled around a central axis. The assembled cylinders are contained in a cylinder block and typically contain 9 pistons and the pistons within each cylinder are fixed to a sawshplate (also known as a cam or wobble plate). This sawshplate is combined with a rotating shaft and as the shaft rotates, the angle of the sawshplates alters, driving the pistons in and out of their cylinders.

As the pistons rise toward the valve plate fluid is trapped which then gets forced through to the pump's discharge port. Once the piston retracts the fluid is pushed through the discharge port of the valve plate.

Positive displacement pumps

Positive displacement pumps provide a constant flow at a fixed speed despite changes in pressure. Fluid moves by trapping a fixed amount and forcing it into the discharge port.

Axial piston motors can also be designed as variable displacement pumps which helps to control the speeds of hydraulic motors and cylinders. In these designs, the swashplate angle is changed to vary the depth each piston extends into its cylinder as the motor rotates.

Axial piston motor applications

These types of hydraulic motors have a life of ~10,000 hours under full load operation. This life span allows them to be used for continuous duty in industrial power units and heavy-duty mobile applications. They can be seen in powering the hydraulic systems of jet aircraft right through to automotive air conditioning compressors due to the low weight and space specifications.

Danfoss axial piston motors

At Hydrastore we make certain to stock the most well know and respected brands ready for dispatch and this is true with our Danfoss axial piston motors. As a preferred supplier, it means we have a full selection of stock that includes the Danfoss H1 closed circuit axial piston motor, MP1 and RDM axial piston motor.

Hansa TMP axial piston motor

As a leading company in the design and technology across the hydraulic industry Hansa TMP manufacture some of the most reliable piston motors available. Hydrastore stock the following Hansa TMP axial piston motors:

Kawasaki axial piston motors

Including the Kawasaki M7V and the M5X Hydrastore has the capability to supply your hydraulic system with the right component at the right price. Or if you require a fixed and variable swashplate design then the Kawasaki M3X and M3B series motors are the ideal choices.

Hydrastore has a huge range of hydraulic motors

At Hydrastore we take pride in understanding your hydraulic system challenges and finding the optimum ways to overcome them. This is why we can supply the most effective solution taking into consideration all possibilities and budgets. Designing bespoke systems or applying hydraulic components for repair or improvement; Hydrastore, based in the UK, is the answer.

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