Hydrastore’s Range Of Flow Control Valves

A flow control valve manages the flow rate or pressure of a fluid around a hydraulic system. Used to control the flow rate to hydraulic components and therefore regulate the speed of motors and cylinders.

Hydraulic Flow Control Valves From Hydrastore

Hydrastore is a UK based hydraulics company offering a comprehensive variety of industry focused components for application in mobile power units across the UK. With many years of engineering excellence under their belts they are able to present a superior range of line mounted flow control valves designed, fabricated and supplied to an extremely high quality.

Within a mobile hydraulic system, a flow control valve manages the flow rate or pressure of a fluid around an application. Usually this will be for a specific aspect of a system. Regulating the flow rate allows the speed of an actuator to be controlled. Flow rate can also establish the rate of energy conveyance at a given pressure.

Hydraulic Actuators and Flow Control Valves

The hydraulic actuators counter changes of pressure or flow and will close or open the valve. Certain flow control valves do not necessarily require an exterior power source, meaning that the fluid pressure is enough to modulate them.

Directional Hydraulic Control Valves

Regulating fluid flow in two directions through the hydraulic system requires a bi-directional flow control valve. These valves can be positioned and locked to restrict flow in both directions. A locking nut ensures it remains in position. Hydrastore’s STB-BSP flow control valve is a good example of a bi-directional control valve.

Uni-directional flow control valves, such as the Hydrastore VURF flow control valve, do not deal solely with energy transfer. Instead these direct the flow and therefore transfer the energy to the correct place in the hydraulic system at the right time. This is critical for systems with a complex array of utility which could apply to virtually all mobile hydraulic applications in any industrial sector.

What Makes A Good Hydraulic System?

The key to a successful product deployment is using the correct hydraulic valve component. Hydrastore appreciates that this can be challenging and recommends the following considerations when choosing the correct flow control valve.

  • What are your min and max flow rates and fluid density? These will affect the size of the valve.
  • Does the fluid have corrosive properties? This will establish the physical construction of the nozzle.
  • What is the permissible leakage range across the valve in its shut positioning? Will the flow rate generate a prohibitively acute amount of noise?

Hydrastore’s Expert Engineers Will Build You a Bespoke Hydraulic power Unit

Hydrastore will take the time to understand your mobile hydraulic flow control valve component requirements, taking your installation technical challenges into careful consideration. Calling upon years of engineering experience, they will supply the most effective solution; one that is both efficient and cost effective. Whether employing mainline components from the standard products catalogue, or designing a bespoke and fully integrated mobile hydraulic system with integrated uni-directional flow control.

Hydrastore, based in the UK, should be your first and last port of call.

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