Hydrocontrol Monoblock Directional Control Valves

Monoblock valves are generally less expensive than sectional valves, as well as being lighter and more compact. With no sectional leak points, installation of Hydrocontrol monoblock valves removes potential fitting issues.

Hydraulic Monoblock Valves From Hydrocontrol

Hydrocontrol boasts one of the most complete mobile control valve ranges of any manufacturer in the world and has a well earned reputation for high quality, innovative and cost effective products.

Hydrocontrol offers a large range of monoblock directional control valves. These products, manufactured to the highest quality standards, are very flexible and can be adapted to a multitude of applications. A selection of these monoblock valves are available for next day delivery from the Hydrastore web shop.

Mobile hydraulic applications for Hydrocontrol monoblock valves include: agricultural machinery; mobile cranes; mini dumpers; forklift trucks; as well as various kinds of excavators and loaders.

Monoblock Valves Benefits Over Other Directional Valves

Notable benefits of the monoblock over other directional control valve types include high efficiency, small volume and mass flow. They are also leak proof as they comprise of a single compartment.

Monoblock valve control methods vary depending on the system requirements. Hydrocontrol manufactures a range of hydraulic monoblock valves which allow for control via manual operation, cable, direct electric, hydraulic remote, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic methods. Manual control refers to an operator applying force with paddles or levers. Oil or liquid would be used to transmit power in hydraulically controlled situations, whereas compressed gas (generally air) relays the power in pneumatic applications. Increasingly control may also be applied via electronic actuators.

What are the advantages of Monoblock valves?

Monoblock directional control valves, when applied correctly to a suitable mobile hydraulic system, can offer significant advantages over sectional valves. They are considerably more compact and lightweight than their sectional counterparts. The all-in-one casting of the monoblock means that compartmental complexity is kept to a minimum. This translates into lower cost units at initial outlay, and also over the operational lifespan of the hydraulic system. Fewer leak points equals reduced servicing requirements for the control valve unit.

Hydrastore Are A Mainline Partner Of Hydrocontrol

Although Hydrocontrol manufactures their monoblock units to the highest quality standards, it should be noted that the vast majority should be applied in hydraulic systems requiring medium to low pressure flow. High pressure flow scenarios significantly increase the rate of wear.

Hydrastore has considerable expertise gained from many years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile hydraulic systems. Get in touch with one of our experts now to discuss your hydraulic system requirements.

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