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Efficiency and performance

The Danfoss Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM) is a breakthrough in technological innovation and engineering.

The heart of the new technology is an integrated shift valve. When used in a fan drive application, triggers a series of cost-saving and efficiency-boosting advances.

Features and benefits

  • Elimination of the directional control valve increases machine efficiency
  • Reducing the need - or even eliminating - the HIC block creates a higher performing system
  • Save money and assembly time by using fewer components such as hoses and valves saves money and assembly time
  • Freeing space in the engine compartment allows for innovative design
  • Eliminating the heat generated by traditional reversing systems keeps your machine running smoothly
  • Draws less power, so more power can be used for work
  • Optimize fan drive solutions with the RDM and the new Series 45 Fan Drive Control (FDC). When used with the RDM, FDC maximizes efficiencies and performance in an open circuit reversing fan drive system.

The Danfoss Reverse Displacement Motor is just one of the many product innovations and system solutions created by our continuous improvement and re-engineering efforts.



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