Orbital Motor CE

The combination of compact size, light weight and low speed efficiency make the CE motor the best wheel drive motor available. To reduce overall motor length and weight, all unnecessary material was removed from the housing and the valve was placed in the face of the rotor. The pressure compensated balance plate allows the motor to maintain high volumetric efficiencies at startup and high mechanical efficiencies during running conditions. All of these features unite to make the CE Series motor 10-25% lighter and more compact than competitive designs, making it perfect for applications with strict weight and size requirements.

Features / Benefits

  • Needle Roller Bearing is in optimum location to allow load to be placed as close to center line of bearing as possible.
  • Three Bearing Options allow load carrying capability of motor to be matched to application.
  • Valve-In-Rotor Design provides cost effective, efficient distribution of oil and reduces overall motor length.
  • Pressure-Compensated Balance Plate improves volumetric efficiency at low flows and high pressure.

Product Specification Documents

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