Orbital Motor WG

WG motors provide an exceptionally solid platform for any light-duty application where sideload may present a concern. The WG incorporates our unique design which reduces friction and extends motor life. With displacements ranging from 41 - 404 cm³ [2.5 - 24.4 in³] per revolution and a choice of mounting, shaft, and port options, this motor is made to satisfy a variety of applications. The WG is a perfect fit when you require improved performance and long motor life at an affordable price.

Features / Benefits

  • Needle Roller Bearing is in optimum location to allow load to be placed as close to the center line of bearing as possible.
  • High Pressure Buna® Shaft Seal offers superior seal life and performance and eliminates the need for a case drain.
  • Heavy-Duty Drive Link receives full flow lubrication to provide long life.
  • Rotor design increases efficiency and life by using roller contact versus solid, sliding contact design.
  • Rubber Energized Steel Face Seal does not extrude or melt under high pressure or high temperature.
  • Sensoring optional.

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