Orbital Motor WR

The WR Series motors incorporate the latest advances for smooth performance, efficiency and durability. Featuring an optimized rotor geometry with seven precision rollers to eliminate sliding friction and provide rolling contact between the rotor and stator, thus increasing motor efficiency. A three-zone spool valve, integral check valves and a provision for a case drain reduce pressure on internal seals to improve product life. A wide variety of mounting, shaft, motor displacement and porting options are available to meet all application needs.

Features / Benefits

  • A variety of mounts and shafts provides flexibility in application design.
  • A high pressure shaft seal offers superior seal life and performance.
  • The spool valve design gives superior performance and smooth operation over a wide speed and torque range.
  • Built-in check valves in the housing offer versatility and increased seal life.
  • Optimized rotor geometry provides a smooth running highly efficient product.
  • Sensoring optional.


Product Specification Documents

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