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Staffa Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors

Hydrastore is an official Kawasaki Precision Machinery partner which allows us to offer Staffa hydraulic motors at tier 1 pricing.

Hydrastore's Range of Staffa Hydraulic Motors

At Hydrastore we pride ourselves on having the availability of stock at cost-effective prices due to our long-standing relationships with the very best manufacturers around. We believe your hydraulic system should only have the best components without compromise and we make sure we pass on the savings we make directly to our customers. We stock the full range of Staffa hydraulic motors in our warehouses, ready for dispatch, but if you need further help in identifying the correct component don't hesitate to contact us.

What is a Staffa Hydraulic Motor?

Kawasaki Precision Machinery (UK) Ltd. (KPMUK) is the manufacturer of Staffa hydraulic motors. The first ever hydraulic radial piston motor was named “Staffa” and designed by George Hally Junior in 1957. The Staffa hydraulic motor was originally built to be used in harsh conditions such as coal mines and fast became the tough and reliable hydraulic motor of choice. Staffa hydraulic motors are world renowned for their excellent reliability, with their lifespan having been known to last up to 25 years if properly maintained.

What Are The Different Types of Staffa Motor?

Hydrastore stock 3 different Staffa motor series, each with a unique set of specifications for varying applications. The low speed high torque (LSHT) Staffa motors come in both single displacement and dual displacement versions in the HMB series and HMC series respectively. After innovations in the design, there is a high power version of the HMC series called the HPC series which has improved performance.

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