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We are official distributors to many of the leading hydraulic component manufacturers. Hydrastore holds an extensive and wide ranging stock of hydraulic pumps based in the UK and ready to be dispatched the same day. Find which brand you need like Ronzio, Kawasaki and Danfoss or search for the type of pump required for your project.

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Which Hydraulic Pump Do you Need?

Hydrastore stocks a wide range of pumps from well trusted manufacturers such as Atos, Hansa-TMP and Kawasaki. You can search by brand if you know which part is required, however, you can also browse by the type of hydraulic pump you might need.

The pump is the most vital part of a hydraulic system as it provides the power source. The pump pushes large amounts of oil through hydraulic motors or hydraulic cylinders which provides the dynamics for many various machines. Lifting, lowering, closing, opening or rotating can all be achieved through hydraulic machines utilising a pump.

Across our depots we have open circuit, closed circuit and hand pumps that will fulfil most job requirements. For example, the Kawasaki K3V and Kawasaki K5V series are variable displacement axial piston pumps that are suitable for use in mobile applications such as cranes, excavators and crushers. Where there is a requirement for a medium to high pressure variable displacement pump the Kawasaki K3VL series is ideal. For flexible configuration across a broad scope of applications the light weight and compact design of the Kawasaki K3VLS makes it the axial piston pump of choice.

What is an Open Circuit Hydraulic Pump System?

Hydraulic systems can be designed using either open or closed circuit hydraulic pump configuration. An open circuit hydraulic system has fluid flowing through the system and then returning to the reservoir. Fresh fluid is then drawn from the reservoir and pumped through the system. Open circuit pumps are versatile for a variety of applications ranging from mobile to industrial.

Hydrastore holds open circuit pumps from Atos, Danfoss, Kawasaki and Ronzio in stock.

How Do Closed Circuit Hydraulic Pump Systems Work?

Oil is circulated by the pump to the motor and then returned directly back to the pump. A charge supply is used to supplement the closed loop system with oil. The charge supply may be supplied by an internal charge pump or an external source. Closed circuit hydraulic systems can be used in many cases such as hot oil circuits, cooling/chilled water systems, hot water heating and air conditioning systems.

Danfoss, Hansa and Kawasaki closed circuit pumps are consistently stocked by Hydrastore and ready for immediate delivery when the job calls for it.

Uses For Manual Hydraulic Hand Pumps

Using manual hydraulics such as hand pumps is ideal for simple jobs like pumping up a small hydraulic cylinder, pressure testing a system or dispensing fluid. Manual power is quick and inexpensive and it can easily be a better alternative to investing in an electric or air driven pump. You could also be in a position where there are no electric or air services on site, or your hydraulic hand pump is providing an invaluable emergency or standby power.

We manufacture a wide range of our own hand pumps suitable for different applications and duties.

Hydraulic Pumps in the UK at Hydrastore

As official partners and distributors to many trusted brands you can be sure to expect the very best selection of hydraulic pumps available. Based in the UK and with a vast range of stock across our depots, Hydrastore is the key to your hydraulic components and systems needs.

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