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When it comes to hydraulic power units we have a depth of experience and consider ourselves experts in the design, build, installation and commissioning of such equipment. Some industries have particularly demanding requirements and we make it our goal to deliver solutions that not only meet but more often than not go beyond expectations.

Regardless of the application, off the shelf hydraulic power packs are simple to maintain due to their standard components. This means maintenance is straightforward and cost effective.

Off the shelf hydraulic power unit
SizeMotorFillerLevelTank Width (A)Tank Depth (B)Tank Height (C)Motor Height (E)Mounting Holes X Distance (F)Mounting Holes Y Distance (G)Drain Hole Height (H)
25LD100/112TA46LVA10 45030030034940025075


  1. All motor pump sets come with mounting holes, lid to tank sealing gasket, Suitable sized filler/breather & level/temperature gauge.
  2. Tank size is based on nominal capacity to top of the level gauge.
  3. Electric motors & suitable pumps, suction filter, pressure filter, return filter, relief valve, temperature switch, cooler, valves, hand pumps etc. can be added from the component parts within this catalogue. Speak to one of the sales team for guidance.
  4. Tank height includes lid & gaskets thickness, motor height includes gasket & bell housing flange thickness.

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Bespoke Hydraulic Power Units From Hydrastore

At Hydrastore we fully understand that there are no two projects the same and each application has its own unique and specific needs. That’s why we pride ourselves on meeting our client’s exact requirements with unrivaled technical knowledge matched with premium hydraulic products. We offer bespoke hydraulic power packs that are built entirely to satisfy our clients specifications and we leave no stone unturned to achieve the results you want and we expect of ourselves. Our core values are centered around continual improvements and our service is reflected in our high expectations which is key to our strengths as a hydraulic systems and components company. Taking your requirements from planning to designing and manufacturing of tailor-made hydraulic power units is a cornerstone of Hydrastore and it is an area we have built a very solid reputation among our peers and clients alike.

Hydraulic Power Packs Designed For Your Project

Our experience in hydraulic and electrical component and power unit applications is complemented by the skill set of our technical department, design team and sales engineers. Working closely with our customers and applying our experience in conjunction with the latest platforms in CAD, 3D modelling and hydraulic and electrical simulation software we are skilled in taking a concept and delivering efficient, safe and cost-effective hydraulic and electrical control solutions.

We design systems from power outputs as low as 0.5 up to 750 kW for a vast array of application, from offshore oil and gas, agriculture, renewables, recycling, construction, industrial and many more.

When providing turnkey solutions, no longer do our customers consider the hydraulics and electronic control to be separate entities and at Hydrastore we are able to provide both. This can range from a simple on/off starter to a full control panel with system monitoring.

As part of our controls packages we offer a range of ruggedised controllers, HMI screen displays and radio remote controls. We have in house capability to produce control panels and develop control software and have experience of conventional switch gear, on/ off control, analogue, digital, along with proportional and servo equipment.

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What Is a Hydraulic Power Pack?

Essentially, a hydraulic power pack is a stand-alone system that uses fluid to transmit power from one place to another converting one source of energy to hydraulic energy. Petrol, diesel, electricity or pneumatic input energy can be used to apply hydraulic pressure to power hydraulic actuators.

A hydraulic pump unit is an essential part in most hydraulic systems and it is a collection of integrated components. A hydraulic system essentially generates pressure or force based on Pascal’s Law which states that “in a fluid at rest in a closed container, a pressure change in one part is transmitted without loss to every portion of the fluid and to the walls of the container.”

Hydraulic pump units, hydraulic power units or hydraulic power packs all refer to the same thing and they are used to convert, distribute and control energy. Hydraulic power units are either single acting or double acting and this refers to the cylinder configuration. A single-acting hydraulic cylinder has the fluid enter in one direction and it is then pushed out of the opposite side. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder is a system in which the hydraulic fluid acts interchangeably on both ends of the piston.

Types Of Hydraulic Motor Power

Electric Motor

Electric Motors

Electric motors have a different torque-to-power curve than fossil fuel motors, as mentioned earlier, and this directs their power capacities. A three-phase motor starts by turning a rotor to a speed which then reduces its torque, it then increases when the rotors reach a specific rpm. The maximum level of rpm is known as “breakdown torque” and electric motors are typically run at just below “breakdown torque” to nullify the risk of stalling.

Electric motors available for next day delivery
Diesel Engine

Petrol and Diesel Motor Power

As petrol and diesel motors have a smoother torque-to-speed curve they are run at higher speeds. An internal combustion engine is required to have a horsepower rating of approximately 2.5 times greater than that of electric to achieve the torque levels required. It is a general recommendation from diesel and petrol motor manufacturers that they are run below the maximum rated power to provide optimal fuel efficiency and extend operational lifespan.

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