Hydraulic Power Units & Systems, Design & Manufacture

We have the capability to design and manufacture bespoke manifolds. We also hold a vast stock of premium brand hydraulic components, electronic and radio control equipment. This is combined with a wealth of system and application knowledge. Our company prides itself on delivering fit for purpose, cost effective and reliable systems. Our Hydraulic systems section provides an insight into the many applications we support.

What is a hydraulic power unit?

Hydraulic power units, often referred to as power packs, are machines which use liquid fluid power to perform work. They are a free-standing system that invariably includes a mechanical actuator or motor, a fluid receptacle or reservoir, and a pump to convert mechanical power into hydraulic energy. The hydromechanical pressure is deployed to drive cylinders, motors, and other complementary mechanisms on the system.

All hydraulic systems are reliant on the power unit. The power pack consists of a number of a key components all of which can have a significant impact on efficiency and work-flow. The hydraulic reservoir contains a volume of fluid enabling the release of fluid into the system. The motor drives the pump. The pump transmits mechanical power into hydraulic energy, pulling liquid from the reservoir via a vacuum and using pressure to route it through the power unit.

Power units are a necessity for mobile hydraulic applications where an integrated power supply is not possible. The use of hydraulic power units is wide spread across most sectors including industrial, security, aviation, energy utility, marine, offshore oil and gas, agriculture, entertainment, waste and recycling, healthcare, as well as mechanical handling.

Hydrastore have been at the forefront of hydraulic power unit design and manufacture industry for a number of years. Combining technical knowledge with premium brand components, we are able to to deliver first class power units designed specifically to meet technical and commercial challenges faced by our clients. This manufacturing excellence extends across every type of system, from compact power packs to industrial scale mobile hydraulic power units.

Whilst we maintain a solid reputation for supplying standard power units, latterly we have been using our years of engineering experience to broaden our operation into supplying complete hydraulic power unit solutions. This has been achieved with continual investment, development of electrical and radio control capacity, expansion of our component partner portfolio, and through the commitment of our highly-trained staff, delivering hydraulic power units to the exacting quality standards our clients demand.

Standard HPU hydraulic power packs are manufactured to make use of an industry acknowledged collection of modular components. This presents a cost effective power unit that can be straightforward to assemble and therefore relatively simple to install and support, maximising life span and return on investment.

Commissioning Hydrastore to develop a complete hydraulic power unit system means your will require only one supplier from beginning to end, saving both time and valuable resources. We will oversee the power pack design according to your precise specification. We will handle the engineering and coordinate the manufacture, selecting the most cost effective and efficient components from our mainline portfolio. We also have a skilled team who can prepare sites, deploy the power unit in situ fully tested and ready to run. Finally, we can train operators in line with your needs. Our hydraulic power unit system design and construction reduces your workload by coordinating all aspects of the deployment process.

Hydrastore can supply complete mobile hydraulic power unit solutions for virtually every industrial sector across the whole of the UK. Whether deploying standard power, or designing, manufacturing and testing a large scale bespoke mobile application on-site, Hydrastore should be your first and last port of call for all your hydraulic system needs.

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