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Heavy-duty joysticks


  • Rugged design up to IP66 overall 
  • Ergonomic left, right and straight grips 
  • Single and dual axis spring-return 
  • Single axis w/ adjust. Friction-hold 
  • Redundant hall effect or long-life potentiometric sensing (full redundant) 
  • 5 different output types: CAN (J1939, CANopen), CAN+ and CANalog PVE and Analog, PWM
  • 5 different grip types: ST2- ST7- PR2- PR7*)- and HR1-grip 
  • Several grip functions: domed and flat push-button (max. 12), proportional roller, rocker switch and FNR, operator presence switch 
  • Connection: wiring harness with connector 
  • Grip travel :+18° 
  • EMI/RFI: 150V/m 
  • ESD: 20kV


  • Customizable solutions The JS1-H base and grip options allow you to fulfill specific customer requirements for a smooth, comfortable and reliable operation. Choose from three bases and five ergonomic grip types with flexible button and switch placement. 
  • Smart compatibility Compatible grip and base options make joysticks simple to upgrade. Six standard electrical interfaces are available for ease of configuration.
  • Superior performance The JS1-H family is suitable for almost any machine that requires joystick control. PLUS+1 Compliance enables simple and seamless future-oriented integration in the machine control system.
  • Faster, more flexible fulfillment times The JS1-H standard portfolio is readily available, enabling you to reduce your warehouse stocks. Even without compromising your ability to fulfill the specifications of individual customers. Easy integration with PLUS+1 also secures fast and efficient development times.

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Numerous configurations

Operators get a real feel for control with our wide range of joysticks. Endless configuration possibilities and ergonomic designs enable smooth and comfortable operation. 

  • Contactless hall effect sensing
  • Single or dual axis
  • Outputs – Analog, CAN (J1939, CANopen)
  • Up to IP66/67 environmental sealing above and below panel
  • Grip options – Ball grip, grip with rocker switch, grip with banana switch, PRO grip

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Multiple grip options

JS2000 joystick with a single- and dual-axis configurations and multiple grip options.

Operators get a real feel for control, ergonomic designs and comfortable operations. 

  • Contactless hall effect sensing
  • Redundant sensors
  • Single and dual axis
  • IP 65 environmental sealing above panel
  • Multiple grip options, including Z-axis twist

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Single axis configuration

JS120 joystick with a long life potentiometric sensing and independent direction switch signals. 

Operators get a real feel for control, ergonomic designs and smooth operations.

  • Long life potentiometric sensing
  • Independent direction switch signals
  • Single axis
  • IP 66 environmental sealing above panel

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