Atos Radial Piston Type

Complete Radial Piston Type data, part of the Atos Pumps range at Hydrastore

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Ordering Chart

Heading / type / mounting / formatPart numberDescriptionPressure (bar)Flow (lpm)SizeCatalogue page
Fixed DisplacementPFR-2Radial piston pump, 1.7 -3.5cc/rev.500Variable1.7-3.5cc/rev.A045 External link
Fixed DisplacementPFR-3Radial piston pump, 8.2 -14.7cc/rev.350Variable8.2-14.7cc/rev.A045 External link
Fixed DisplacementPFR-5Radial piston pump, 18.1 -25.4cc/rev.350Variable18.1-25.4cc/rev.A045 External link