Belly Packs transmitters, part of our Hetronic Radio Control range

Nova M

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  • Weight 910g (2.1lbs)
  • Configurable: Single axis joysticks, STOP Button, other options
  • Up to 20hrs continuous operation
  • Range 100m
  • Frequencies: 4xxMhz, 868Mhz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz

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Nova S

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  • Weight: 369g (13 oz.)
  • Status LED's for operation and low battery
  • Operating Frequencies: 4xxMhz, 868Mhz
  • Range: 100m (300')
  • Optional Controls: Push Button START/HORN, Toggle, Rotary and Key Switches

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Nova - L

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  • Weight 1kg (2.3lbs)
  • Configurable with Multi axis joysticks, Push Button START/HORN, STOP Button
  • Frequencies: 4xxMhz,868Mhz
  • Range: 100m
  • Safety address 20bit over 1M possibilities (ADMO)

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Nova - XL

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  • Weight 1.9kg (4.1lbs)
  • Configurable: single/dual axis joysticks, Key, toggle, button switches, Rotary switches, STOP Button
  • Optional half or full duplex
  • Cable Back up

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Nova L 2.4

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  • Weight: Approx. 1.8kg (3.96lbs)
  • 2.4” Color back-lit TFT display (GUI Interface Option)
  • Fully Configurable with joysticks, paddle levers, toggle switches, push buttons
  • Safety address: 20 Bit over 1M possibilities (ADMO)
  • GUI Customizable to Customer Feedback Needs

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Nova XL 2.8

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  • Weight: 1.8kg (3.97lbs)
  • Integrated 2.8"” color TFT display
  • Half duplex or Full Duplex
  • Optional 9Ah or 10.6Ah Lithium Ion battery packs; 10 hrs. operation
  • Safety: 20-bit programmable address with 1 million combinations
  • Range: 100m (328')

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Nova XXL 4.3

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  • Weight: Approx. 2.4kg (5lbs)
  • Integrated 4.3” color TFT display
  • Configurable: joysticks, paddle levers, Toggle switches, push buttons, key sw., STOP
  • Optional Video Feedback available (VF)
  • Range: 700m

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The Hetronic GL transmitters set the standard for professional industrial radio remote controls. The GL and GL-3 are designed to meet harsh environment applications with a sturdy look and feel. No compromises are made in regard to functionality and operator friendliness. The GL is highly configurable and is available with up to 3 dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) or with up to 6 fully-proportional paddle levers. It also comes equipped with a battery charger and 2 rechargeable batteries.

The GL is ergonomically designed for balance in the operator hands and provides easy to reach and use operator control elements. Hetronic joystick and paddle levers are designed to permit smooth machine operation and minimize operator fatigue. The Hetronic GL is available in pre-engineered off-the-shelf models or can be custom configured to meet your unique process control application.

Hetronic prides itself in designing transmitter-receiver solutions that assure the ultimate in your machine circuit integration. Using our over 32 years of expertise in RF integration we have created man-to-machine interface solutions that meet the our customer needs for process control solutions that are safe, efficient and improve productivity. The GL transmitter is ideal for loader cranes, tower cranes, overhead cranes, concrete pumps and other mobile equipment.

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