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Handheld transmitters, part of our Hetronic Radio Control range

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  • Weight: 0.45kg (0.99lbs)
  • 10+ hrs. Continuous operation
  • Joystick Control Capability
  • TFT Color Display 320X240 2.4” Display
  • Capability of User programmable GUI
  • Range:- 100m (328 feet)
  • USB (Type A) interface with 4Gb memory key
  • Half or Full duplex transmission

Protected Firmware against known cyber attackThe new ERGO S brings the ergonomics of handheld transmitter to a new level with functional safety to meet the highest standard.Tailor your ERGO S to meet various type of application requirements. It’s the perfect solution for skip loaders, hook lifts, trucks, side loaders, cranes, crushers and more. The Transmitter is also equipped with a belt clipping feature and also a magnetic function to facilitate the user to attach the Transmitter to the equipment when not in used.

The ERGO S is equipped with up to 12 programmable buttons, a 2.4” TFT screen and with a joystick control capable of operating in rugged environment with IP65 rating. 

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Ergo 120

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  • Weight: 0.4kg (0.88 lbs.)
  • 10+ hrs. Continuous operation
  • 2.4" Color Backlit TFT Display
  • Range:100m (328')
  • Up to 8 Diagnostic LED's
  • Compliant: IEC60068-2 11,29,64
  • Compliant: EN60204-1

The NEW ERGO120 button transmitter represents the next generation of Human-Machine-Interface professional radio remote controls. The robust and durable IP 65 transmitter is designed with an advanced 2.4" color TFT backlit display, twelve configurable 1 or 2 step buttons and a large, easy to reach bottom mounted emergency STOP. The ERGO120 fast response time is less than 100ms and offers accurate, world-class performance. Field tested to ensure its durability, the ERGO 120 meets or exceeds IEC and EN requirements for shock, vibration and functional safety.

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Ergo F V1 - 21

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  • IP 65 Case
  • Range: >100m
  • Integrated LCD Display
  • Easy to read and use buttons
  • Fully Programmable, up to 3 speed operation
  • Class 3 safety system
  • Frequencies:  4xxMhz, 2.4Ghz
  • Available as FV1, FV1A, FV2, FV2A, F21.

The ERGO F transmitter has been the professional equipment operators tool of choice for robust, reliable wireless remote controls.  Each can be configured to operate at 4xxMhz range or 2.4Ghz.  Fully configurable the ERGO F is built with highly reliable membrane switches available in single, dual and triple speed. The push buttons are easy to read, can be operated with or without gloved hands and each can achieve millions of actuation's without failure.

An easy to read 16 character LCD display provides battery condition and machine performance feedback at the touch of a button. The sturdily built ERGO F can be used in a wide range of indoor or outdoor applications such as EOT cranes, goliath cranes or jib cranes. Incorporated with Hetronic’s Class 3 safety system and IP65 housing ERGO transmitters are an extremely cost effective and flexible solution for your man-machine interface applications.

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  • Weight: up to 0.5kg (1.1lbs)
  • 20 hrs. Continuous transmission
  • Internal antenna
  • Saftey: active and passive STOP function
  • Range:- 100m (328 feet)
  • Response time: less than 100msec



Mini V1 - V6 product image

Mini V1 - V6

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  • IP 65 Durable case
  • Weight: 0.32kg (0.7lbs.) w/Battery
  • Status LED’s for operation and low battery
  • Single detent START push button
  • Prominent Mushroom STOP Switch
  • Operating Frequencies: 419Mhz-485Mhz, 868Mhz, 1.216Ghz
  • 20 hrs. continuous operation 

The Hetronic MINI is a small but powerful transmitter that can be used for countless process control applications. It's designed for durability and fits markets that require a limited number of digital functions.

All MINI systems are designed to fit in the palm of the operator's hand. When not in use, the MINI can be worn conveniently on the operator's belt using the belt clip on the transmitter. A key feature is the prominent "mushroom" style STOP button that enhances safety for the operator and machinery.  The MINI system offers durable single or dual-speed membrane switches to withstand the toughest environment.

MINI V1 - V6



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TG Transmitter

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  • Designed with Pendant feel
  • Rugged IP65 housing
  • Range from 70m to 100m
  • Configurable dual or single detent function push buttons
  • Active or Passive STOP button
  • Parity & Checksum for additional Safety
  • 20 hours continuous operation

HETRONIC understands the needs of Material Handling operators. Our TG transmitters are designed as multi-function, rugged and highly reliable process control solutions for material handling operations.  The TG design allows for one-hand wireless operation with configurable, easy-to-use controls and provides the operator with familiar pendant-control feel. 

Featuring dual-speed push buttons a prominent STOP and Key-Switch, the TG is ideal for harsh environment applications. Additional buttons or auxiliary functions can be integrated into the TG upon request. Whether your application is in a steel mill or industrial manufacturing environment Hetronic offers standard TG configurations or will customize a solution to fit your needs.


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