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Product information

In line filters are designed for installation of the pressure line downstream the pump, to ensure a high cleanliness of the fluid circulating into the hydraulic system. Particularly recommended for systems with proportional valves.

  • Two head sizes
  • Port sizes G ½ ” to G 1 ¼ ”
  • Filtration Plus microfiber elements ensure high efficiency, low pressure drop, high DHC and long lasting performance. Collapse pressure 21 bar. Replacement filter elements are available to purchase separately.
  • Filtration rating 7 – 12 – 22 micron (βx (c)>1000, ISO 168889)
  • By-pass valve with cracking pressure 6 bar
  • Optional electrical or visual clogging indicator - available to order here

Max flow 205 l/min

Max working pressure 420 bar

NOTE: Flow rates based upon mineral oil with viscosity 32 mm2/s


Data sheets

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Ordering chart

Part no.DescriptionMax. flow (lpm)PriceQty
FPS-10-A-F06-00-R-P1/2" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 7 MICRON48£223.85
FPS-10-A-F10-00-R-P1/2" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 12 MICRON63£219.76
FPS-10-A-F20-00-R-P1/2" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 22 MICRON78£219.50
FPS-10-B-F06-01-R-P3/4" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 7 MICRON79£258.43
FPS-10-B-F10-01-R-P3/4" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 12 MICRON92£252.34
FPS-10-B-F20-01-R-P3/4" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 22 MICRON101£251.97
FPS-20-A-F06-02-R-P1" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 7 MICRON100£345.78
FPS-20-A-F10-02-R-P1" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 12 MICRON135£340.13
FPS-20-A-F20-02-R-P1" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 22 MICRON166£335.93
FPS-20-B-F06-03-R-P1 1/4" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 7 MICRON127£395.87
FPS-20-B-F10-03-R-P1 1/4" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 12 MICRON170£388.30
FPS-20-B-F20-03-R-P1 1/4" BSP PRESSURE FILTER, 22 MICRON205£387.73

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