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Product information

The OMR / WR / MR Series motor incorporates the latest advances for smooth performance, efficiency and durability. It features an optimised Roller Stator geometry, to reduce sliding friction and provide rolling contact between the rotor and stator, increasing motor efficiency. The design and provision for a case drain reduces pressure on the internal seals improving product life.

Data sheets

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Ordering chart

Part no.DescriptionDisplacement (cc/rev.)Max. pressure (bar)Continuous torque (Nm)Max. flow (lpm)PriceQty
255-040-A63-12-BAAAA40CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT401559345£167.84
255-050-A63-12-BAAAA50CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT5015511153£168.64
255-060-A63-12-BAAAA59CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT5915513853£168.64
255-070-A63-12-BAAAA71CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT7117217661£168.64
255-080-A63-12-BAAAA79CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT7917220261£170.23
255-090-A63-12-BAAAA88CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT8817222261£168.76
255-100-A63-12-BAAAA100CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT10017224661£170.23
255-115-A63-12-BAAAA113CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT11317228461£170.23
255-130-A63-12-BAAAA129CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT12917231661£171.96
255-160-A63-12-BAAAA160CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT16017240061£176.60
255-200-A63-12-BAAAA198CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT19817246261£184.58
255-240-A63-12-BAAAA236CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT23617254861£192.56
255-320-A63-12-BAAAA322CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT32212151861£209.47
255-400-A63-12-BAAAA400CC/REV WR MOTOR WITH 25MM SHAFT40010455161£221.40

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