Flow Dividers

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Product information

The flow dividers / combiners either divide flow into two equal parts, or combine the flow from 2 separate lines into a single, subject to the direction the oil passes through the valve. In the dividing mode, the D-DGFDH will divert input flow from port(2) to ports (3) and (1), based on the ratio specified with a high degree of accuracy, regardless of operating pressure.The D-DGFDH will combine input flows from ports (3) and (1), to port (2) by the same ratio. Should circuit operation result in a blockage of either (3) or (1), the opposite port may also close under certain conditions. Should this potential exist, consult the factory.

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Part no.DescriptionMax. flow (lpm)Max. pressure (bar)PriceQty
D-DGFDH005003B3A50/50 FLOW DIVIDER COMBINER 3/8" BSP 8-11 LPM 11240£94.69
D-DGFDH005006B3A50/50 FLOW DIVIDER COMBINER 3/8" BSP 11-23 LPM 23240£91.78
D-DGFDH005009B3A50/50 FLOW DIVIDER COMBINER 3/8" BSP 23-34 LPM 34240£81.78
D-DGFDH005012B3A50/50 FLOW DIVIDER COMBINER 3/8" BSP 34-45 LPM 45240£81.78

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