Kawasaki KPM K3VL open circuit axial piston pump

K3VL open circuit axial piston pump illustration

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Product information

The K3VL series swash plate type axial piston pumps are designed to satisfy the marine, mobile and industrial markets where a medium/high pressure variable displacement pump is required.

K3VL pumps are available in nominal displacements ranging from 28 to 200 cm/rev with various pressure, torque limiter and combination of load sensing control options.

  • 320 bar continuous pressure rating
  • High overall efficiency (>90% peak)
  • Exceptional self priming capability
  • SAE and ISO mounting and shaft
  • Excellent reliability and very long service life
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Numerous control options
  • Highly responsive controls
  • Low pulsation and noise emissions
  • Integral unloading or proportional pressure relief valves available

Data sheets

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Ordering chart

Part no.DescriptionDisplacement (cc/rev.)Max. pressure (bar)PriceQty
29L35N0SL0K3VL28/C-1NRKM-L0-C/W ROT PUMP WITH LOAD SENSE28320£1,068.79
29L43N0SL100K3VL45/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH LOAD SENSE45320£1,175.58
29L83N0SL100K3VL80/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH LOAD SENSE80320£1,415.86
29L83N0SP100K3VL80/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH PRESS CUT OFF80320£1,415.86
29LG3N0SL100K3VL112/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH LOAD SENSE112320£1,840.35
29LG3N0SP100K3VL112/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH PRESS CUT OFF112320£1,840.35
29LH3N0SL100K3VL140/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH LOAD SENSE140320£2,317.35
29LH3N0SP100K3VL140/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH PRESS CUT OFF140320£2,317.35
29LK3N0SL100K3VL200/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH LOAD SENSE200320£3,700.29
29LK3N0SP100K3VL200/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH PRESS CUT OFF200320£3,700.29
M29L43N0SP100K3VL45/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00-C/W ROT WITH PRESS CUT OFF45320£1,175.58

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