Anfield Hydraulic Components

Anfield Sensors Inc is a US engineering company that specialises in pressure switches and transducers. Their top-quality and reliable components are found in a range of applications across the globe. At Hydrastore, we stock a wide choice of Anfield‘s pressure switches and temperature sensors.

Hydrastore‘s Range of Anfield Pressure Switches

Whatever pressure you‘re working with, Anfield Sensors Inc have produced a robust and reliable switch for your hydraulic application.

Anfield‘s SPA/SPF model is suitable for use with pneumatic, water, and low pressure hydraulic applications. Its compact size and cost-effective price make it a popular choice for low pressure filter monitoring and car washes, among other uses.

For high pressure applications, try the versatile Anfield SMA/SMF switch. It has a piston and diaphragm mechanism that is accurate and produces zero leakage. It also has a Snap action micro switch for electrical terminations. For mobile high-pressure use (such as rubbish trucks), we stock the small-but-tough SKBA/SKBF model.

Extra high pressure? The SDCA/SDCF is suitable for extreme use. This robust, heavy steel switch is designed for hydraulic applications that experience system pressure shock.

Pressure Transducers from Anfield Sensors Inc

Tough and reliable, Anfield transducers provide exceptional performance. At Hydrastore, we recommend the compact T200/T201 model, with a small profile that makes it the best choice if you‘re working within space constraints.

It has a strong stainless steel body made from a single piece of 304SS; and its overvoltage protection, reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection give you the reassurance that it won‘t let you down. The transducer has a piezoresistive ceramic sensor and ASIC signal conditioning.

Temperature Sensors by Anfield

As their name suggests, this is one of Anfield Sensor Inc‘s areas of engineering expertise. At Hydrastore, we offer a choice of premium-quality and robust temperature switches.

For industrial applications, go for the durable S2TAF / S3TAF models. These bimetal temperature switches are designed to work in tight spaces, allowing them to sense the fluid temperature without the use of a probe.

The S2TAF / S3TAF switches are compact; however if you‘re working with really restricted spaces, the S5TAF / S7TAF temperature sensors are the smallest model that Anfield produces. These bimetal switches are cost-effective and extremely responsive, making them an excellent choice.

The models are designed for different application requirements: the S5TAF model has a wide differential, while the S7TAF features a low differential. They are used in lubrication systems and as oil reservoir sensors and switches.

Talk to Hydrastore About Our Anfield Sensor Inc products

With exemplary build quality and a thorough understanding of hydraulic applications, Anfield Sensor Inc is a world leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing sensing solutions.

If you‘re looking for a reliable pressure switch, transducer or temperature sensor and switch, get in touch with the team at Hydrastore, and we can tell you more about our range of Anfield Sensor Inc products.

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