Hansa TMP Engineering at Hydrastore

Hydrastore have a wide selection of hydraulic engineering components from Hansa TMP.

Hansa TMP Hydraulic Components

At Hydrastore, we have a selection of hydraulic engineering products from Hansa TMP. The Italian engineering company manufactures a range of hydraulic components, renowned in our industry for their high quality and reliability.

Our Hansa TMP products include axial piston motors and pumps for closed circuit applications. Take a look at our current range, and get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Axial Piston Motors from Hansa TMP at Hydrastore

We have a choice of variable and fixed displacement axial piston motors from Hansa TMP’s engineering division. An essential part of many hydraulic systems, the axial piston motor needs to be robust and reliable, which is why we’re happy to stock Hansa’s precision-engineered range.

Hansa TMP axial piston motors come in a variety of displacement and pressure ranges, depending on the end application. The variable displacement TMV 550 can be used for both open and closed-loop systems. This compact motor is ideal for use in confined spaces, and has an impressive power to weight ratio.

The fixed displacement TMF 600 is a superior design that guarantees a minimal clearance, reducing friction and enabling higher starting torque. Its solid construction ensures a long operating life under high pressures.

If you’re working with hydraulic transmissions that demand high speeds and torques, the TPV 900 is the ideal solution. This variable displacement axial piston is used in closed loops, and has a compact size for easy installation.

This is just a selection of our Hansa TMP axial piston motors. Have a look at our range above to find out more.

Hydrastore’s Range of Closed Circuit Pumps by Hansa TMP

If you’re working with a mobile application, you need a reliable closed circuit pump. At Hydrastore, we stock a choice of closed circuit pumps expertly engineered by Hansa TMP.

Their latest designs, such as the TPV-TPVTC 1500 and the TPV 3600 ranges of closed-loop system pumps are fitted with a new “gerotor” for higher efficiency, and they offer a superb power to weight ratio.

If you need high rotation speed and high pressure, try Hansa TMP’s TPV 9000 variable displacement closed-loop system pump. This axial piston pump combines high performance with a versatile compact design.

For a robust and reliable tandem pump, go for the TPV 1200 BTB. Again, this variable displacement closed loop system axial piston pump is compact and equipped with a boost function.

This is just a selection of the superior quality closed circuit pumps from the renowned Italian engineers; and we have a wide range to suit a variety of different hydraulic, closed circuit applications.

If you would like to know more about which Hansa TMP items are available from us at Hydrastore, please get in touch. We can discuss your hydraulic system requirements with you and recommend the right components. To find out more about Hansa TMP’s pumps, please contact us at Hydrastore.

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