Atos Hydraulic Components

Hydrastore is the sole UK partner for ATOS hydraulics and electronic control systems. Our huge stock of ATOS products includes industrial cylinders, industrial valves, pumps, switches and sensors, electronic control software, digital drivers, as well as analogue drivers. We have a number of regional distributors to help fulfil your order in the fastest manner possible.

Atos Electronic Control

Atos Advanced Hydraulic Technology

ATOS is a world renowned manufacturer of electro-hydraulics. Based in Italy, and with over 60 years of expertise behind them, ATOS are at the forefront of advanced hydraulic technology. With quality a priority, they combine oil based hydro-electrics and pneumatics with an array of electronic control solutions with an eye on continuous improvement. This very modern approach helps to drive the performance of modern machinery ever forwards.

Hydrastore have the expertise to ensure successful supply, distribution and deployment of this extensive product range. We have a highly qualified UK based team of technical and sales staff on hand to assist with all of your ATOS hydraulic product requirements.

Hydrastore Is Exclusive UK Partners With Atos

The ATOS industrial valve range that we stock includes pressure flow and check valves, modular valves, on-off directional controls, as well as safety valves. We also have a variety of proportional valves including pressure and flow, directional and cartridge valves. Our ex-proof and stainless steel range includes proportional control with integral digital driver, with or without a transducer. We also have a diverse selection of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic operated valves. These hydraulic solutions can quickly be dispatched to anywhere in the UK via our carefully chosen distributor network.

Hydrastore can design, build and manufacture high quality hydraulic power unit solutions which extensively utilise the ATOS hydraulic valve, high pressure, long life and low noise level radial piston pumps and electronic control catalogue. Our experts can arrange for the construction and deployment of such solutions anywhere in the UK.

Atos Is a Brand You Can Trust

Manufactured to the highest standards, ATOS have a range of fully ATEX certified explosion proof valves. These high quality performance valves and coils extend up to large size 32, offer impressive flow rates up to and including 1000 LPM and can be used in a diverse number of hazardous areas and environments across the UK. Stainless steel solenoid versions are also available.

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