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Extra high-power pins

Designing smart, safe but simple systems is a real challenge on machines with multiple high-current applications, such as linear actuators, lamps and electric motors. Due to power limitations, a separate controller is typically required to drive each application.

The new Danfoss MC018 high-current controller gives Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) enough power to drive several applications up to a total stable current of 120A with a single controller. Extra high-power pins can also drive a particularly demanding application without compromising the performance of others. This with noiseless motor control.

As always, safety is a top OEM – and user – priority. To meet this demand, the MC018 has a separate logic power supply for intelligent fault detection. This means the controller is still able to send diagnostic information to the master controller. Even in the event of a short circuit or burnt fuse.

The simplicity and cost of a machine control system depend on the number of components used. With the MC018, OEMs gain better performance with fewer high-current controllers. Together with full PLUS+1® compatibility a fast and easy integration in advanced control systems is ensured. This is speeding up the time to market.

Benefits for OEMs

  • Simultaneous control of high-current applications with one controller – saving you the cost of additional controllers
  • Simpler system design and easy to program with PLUS+1® GUIDE – sending you faster to market and with less time spent on programming
  • Smoother and quieter motor control – to the benefit of the end user
  • Safe operation with intelligent fault detection and diagnosis

Features of the MC018

  • Maximum power output of 160A, with the ability to drive 120A simultaneously 
  • Maximum power output per pin of 25A
  • Up to 20KHz PWM frequency at reduced load
  • Separate logic power supply
  • Easily installed power lugs
  • Soft fuses configurable in PLUS+1® GUIDE

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