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Danfoss Controllers at Hydrastore

We have a wide-ranging election of high-spec controller electronics from market leader, Danfoss.

At Hydrastore, we have a wide-ranging election of high-spec controller electronics from market leader, Danfoss. We are an official UK partner of the Dutch-based company, holding an extensive stock of their electronic and hydraulic components, including their controllers.

Combining intelligence with robust build quality, Danfoss controllers are a reliable option, with models that suit a range of applications. Danfoss specialises in solutions for harsh environments, including marine and off-road applications. A Danfoss controller is designed to keep in control of your system, whatever the environment.

The CAN controller receives and stores then transmits information in your CAN bus system. It is an essential component that you have to be able to trust. Thanks to over 40 years‘ experience of engineering design and build, Danfoss‘ expertise is second-to-none, and we never hesitate in recommending their components.

Microcontrollers from Danfoss

Danfoss‘ CAN-based PLUS+1® microcontrollers are a simple, cost-effective and reliable way to control your vehicle. These compact controllers are designed to withstand harsh environments, and can be used as part of a wider control system or as stand-alone control in smaller machines.

Thanks to Danfoss‘ PLUS+1® GUIDE software, the PLUS+1® microcontrollers are straightforward to programme to your specification. The PLUS+1® system is designed to be extended, and you can easily increase system capabilities by adding extra modules. A flexible solution for a wide variety of vehicle-based applications.

If your application needs large memory capacity, try a powerful SC controller from the PLUS+1® compliant range. Their dual microprocessor increases the memory as well as enhancing the overall performance of the system. Additional benefits include higher environmental performance, an efficient low power mode and an increased operating temperature.

High Current Controllers from Danfoss

Typically, is you‘re running multiple high-current applications, you need a separate controller to drive each one. The powerful new Danfoss MC108 high-current controllers provides you with enough power to drive several applications at once (up to a total stable current of 120 amps). This single controller is ideal for systems with more than one high-current application, such as electric motors.

Its high-power pins can drive a power-thirsty application without compromising other elements, while the noiseless motor control is a real extra benefit. It‘s compatible with the PLUS+1® range of controller components, and has a separate logic power supply for intelligent fault detection.

If you need a cost-effective way to extend your control system‘s capabilities, take a look at Danfoss‘ CAN-based Input/Output modules. Working with the PLUS+1® range, these stackable add-ons can be configured to meet your exact requirements.

Talk to The Experts at Hydrastore

If you are looking for a robust and reliable controller, take a look at Hydrastore‘s models from Danfoss. The Dutch company‘s components are made to exceptionally high standards and are able to work even in extreme conditions.

If you would like to find out more or have any specific questions about controller electronics, please get in touch with the team at Hydrastore.