HKS Hydraulic Components

Known for their state-of-the-art engineering products, German-based HKS Partners have long been one of our trusted suppliers. They design and manufacture rotary actuators for a range of applications across the globe - including deep-sea work.

Compact and controllable, powerful and precise, HKS rotary actuators are essential when you need high torque in a confined space. At Hydrastore, we have a wide choice of components from HKS Partners, all produced with their signature superior build quality and exceptional precision. Take a look at our latest hydraulic equipment from HKS.

Rotate & Lift Rotary Actuators by HKS Partners

HKS Partners has been manufacturing quality hydraulic and mechanical components since 1970. Among their areas of expertise are rotary-lift combinations. Our range of rotate & lift rotary actuators are suitable for a wide variety of applications, all built to the highest safety standards.

We also stock HKS Partners’ specialist rotary actuators for bin trucks, a robust and dependable actuator that’s virtually maintenance-free.

On & Offshore Rotary Actuators

Rotary actuators have to perform in some of the world’s toughest environments. The AFH model is a hydraulic part-turn actuator that is suitable for use in subsea conditions. It is practically maintenance-free and will not corrode.

The SAH part-turn actuators are robust and compact, and especially suited for use in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

HKS Partners’ Range of Mobile Hydraulic Series Rotary Actuators

We stock a varied choice of mobile hydraulic rotary actuators from HKS Partners. Compact, incredibly strong and reliably precise, mobile series such as the M-DA-H are suitable for a range of applications.

The automotive engineering industry, emergency services and building trade have all benefited from these strong and adaptable mobile rotators. Uses range from fire-fighting baskets to conveyor belts.

Industry Series Rotary Actuators at Hydrastore

HKS’s DA-H range of hydraulic actuators are found in applications from shipbuilding to mining. Their versatility is thanks to their exceptionally low angular clearance, which allows them to operate in all manner of environments.

They have a working pressure of up to 210 bars, which gives you a tremendous capacity for high torques (250,000 Nm is achievable). Like all HKS Partners’ products, they are tough, maintenance-free and have an extremely long working life.

If you’re operating in a confined space, try a DKA model. These have a shorter size than the standard rotary actuator, so can be used in extremely tight areas. This does not compromise the performance of this small-but-powerful actuator.

At Hydrastore, we have a comprehensive range of top-quality rotary actuators from this highly regarded German engineering company. With their combination of robust build quality and operational precision, we can see why HKS Partners’ equipment is found all over the world (including its oceans).

If you would like to discuss your rotary actuator requirements, or find out more about our selection from HKS Partners, please get in touch with the team at Hydrastore.

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