Hydraulic Power calculator for hydraulic systems

If you are designing a hydraulic system use our handy force calculator for pumps and motors formulae.

Welcome to our Hydraulic Power (kW) calculator, a userful tool for engineers designing hydraulic systems and in particular dealing with pumps and motors formulae. With this calculator you can quickly determine the Power (P) in kilowatts by inputting the Flow Rate (Q) in l/min and the Pressure (p) in bar. It's a handy resource that helps to simplify the process of making calculations.

Hydraulic Power (kW)

Hydraulic Power (kW) Pumps and Motors Formulae

Note: component efficiencies need to be considered for a more precise analysis


Every precaution has been made to make sure the above calculator is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the calculations you make are appropriate for your applications and online calculations could produce erroneous figures. If you do see figures that you are unsure about, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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