Hydraulic Calculators

With Hydrastore's handy hydraulic calculators there's no need for formulas and manual calculations.

Hydrastore is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems and components; and with this status we also have a dedicated team of specialist customer service representatives. We aim to answer any question you may have and we strive to make you life as a hydraulic engineer as simple as it can be. That's why we've put together these easy to use hydraulic calculators, saving you time when you're designing your hydraulic systems.

Just plug in the numbers you know, or have calculated, and we'll calculate the rest for you. Why not bookmark this page for an easy reference in the future.

  • Flow Rate (l/min)

  • Shaft Torque (Nm)

  • Shaft Power (kW)

  • Hydraulic Power (kW)

  • Force (N)

  • Velocity (m/s)

  • Area (cm2)

  • Reynolds Number

    Reynolds Number Flushing Formulae

    Flushing is a process designed to remove dirt introduced into the system during manufacture, assembly and initial operation. It is also used when significant maintenance is undertaken. The requirements are summarised below:

    • A turbulent flow regime to pick-up the particles from the walls of components and transport them to the flushing filter.
    • The Reynolds number (Re) defines the flow condition and should be greater than 4,000.
    • Or, to achieve Re >= 4,000 Q > 0.189 x v x d
    • A ‘fine’ filter to capture transported particles quickly and effectively
  • Velocity of Fluid in Pipe (m/s)

  • Voltage/Current/Resistance/Power


Every precaution has been made to make sure the above calculators and their outputs are accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the calculations you make are appropriate for your applications and online calculations could produce erroneous figures. If you do see figures that you are unsure about, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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