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If you are designing a hydraulic system use our handy hydraulic flushing formula calculator, a helpful tool at your disposal.

Welcome to our Reynolds Number hydraulic calculator designed for Flushing Formulae. Flushing plays a crucial role in removing dirt and impurities introduced during system manufacturing, assembly, initial operation, or significant maintenance. To ensure an efficient flushing process, the system must establish a turbulent flow regime that picks up particles from component walls and transports them to a flushing filter. 

Reynolds Number

Reynolds Number Flushing Formulae

Flushing is a process designed to remove dirt introduced into the system during manufacture, assembly and initial operation. It is also used when significant maintenance is undertaken. The requirements are summarised below:

  • A turbulent flow regime to pick-up the particles from the walls of components and transport them to the flushing filter.
  • The Reynolds number (Re) defines the flow condition and should be greater than 4,000.
  • Or, to achieve Re >= 4,000 Q > 0.189 x v x d
  • A ‘fine’ filter to capture transported particles quickly and effectively


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