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Maximize performance, efficiency, and profit

  • Perfect fit for your applications: The H1P can be used in overall hydraulic systems. Also, it fits hundreds of applications in an easily integrated package
  • Efficiency: The integral electro-hydraulic servo system is controlling the rate and direction of the hydraulic flow. This guarantees lowest servo pressure and excellent high-power density. Operating at maximized efficiency, the H1P will lower your total costs of ownership
  • Optimized profile and design: The integrated Gerotor charge pump design including pressure balanced port plates reduces volumetric losses to a possible minimum
  • Variety of control options: Automotive Control (AC), Electrical Displacement Control (EDC), Fan Drive Control (FDC), Forward-Neutral-Reserve Control (FNR), Mechanical Displacement Control (MDC), Non-Feedback Proportional Electric Control (NFPE)
  • The H1P solution model: Tools, documentation, modeling, software, and expert knowledge. These are based on Danfoss’ decades of experience available when need mean you get quicker access
  • Wide range of displacements: Offering a range of pumps with 45-250 cc/rev. The H1P is a modular pump flexible enough to fit all kinds of applications
  • High pressure capability: Working with 480 bar delta pressure, the H1P operates at highest pressure.


H1P 045/053 Technical information 


H1P 045 / 053 / 060 / 068 Tandems technical infromation


H1P 060 / 068 Technical information


 H1P 069 / 078 Technical information


 H1P 089 / 100 Technical information


 H1P 115 / 130 Technical information


 H1P 147 / 165 Technical information


H1P 210 / 250 / 280 Technical information



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