At Hydrastore, we specialise in supplying top-quality hydraulic components, including pressure switches. Widely used across many industries, these switches provide feedback in response to a change in system pressure.

Once you have determined and set the pressure level for a system, the pressure switch will provide electrical feedback if this level rises or falls within set parameters. As an essential part of many applications, a pressure switch (also known as a pressure sensor) needs to be robust, reliable and consistent which is why we stock only the best on the market.

We have switches from trusted brands like Atos and Anfield. Have a look at our current range, and get in touch with us to discuss your application.

Pressure Switches From Atos

Hydrastore is the sole UK distributor for Italian hydraulics manufacturer, Atos. A global leader in electro-hydraulics, Atos has over 60 years of engineering expertise behind them, which shows in the quality and precision of their components. Our range from Atos includes electronic and hydro-electric pressure switches.The electronic E-DAP pressure switch from Atos can be used in a range of applications. There is a compact version, the E-DAP-2 pressure switch, is ideal when space is tight, and is available for three different pressure ranges. The clear LED display makes it easy to read the real-time system information, and the display can be rotated for visibility.

Atos‘ MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure sensor) is typically used in a fuel injection engine. The MAP sensor provides real-time information to the electronic control unit (ECM). Without this, the ECM can‘t control the air to fuel ratio. Atos‘ MAP pressure switch has fixed switching pressure differential and operates within pressures up to 603 bar. Gold-plated contacts ensure reliable and robust operation.

Anfield Sensors Inc at Hydrastore

Anfield Sensors Inc is a US-based engineering company that produces industry-leading pressure switches and transducers. At Hydrastore, we‘re proud to partner with this renowned firm. We stock a wide range of their quality components, designed to work with specific pressures.

The SPA/SPF pressure sensor is suitable for low-pressure hydraulic applications. Compact in size, it‘s an excellent option for low-pressure filter monitoring and car washes. An alternative compact model is the SKBA/SKBF switch, which is suitable for mobile applications such as rubbish lorries.

If you need a robust switch for a high-pressure system, go for the SMA/SMF switch. This has an accurate piston and diaphragm mechanism and a snap action micro-switch. If you‘re looking at extreme pressure, the extra-tough SDCA/SDCF model is designed for heavy hydraulic applications that have to withstand pressure shock. As ever, talk to the team at Hydrastore to determine which is the best Anfield pressure switch for your system.

Speak to the Hydrastore Experts

If you would like to know more about our range of pressure switches, please get in touch with us at Hydrastore. We‘ll discuss your system requirements with you, engineer to engineer, and recommend the best components for the task.