Hydrocontrol Hydraulic Components

Hydrocontrol manufacture a large array of hydraulic components for the mobile machine market: Mobile valve types including Selector, Monoblock, Sectional, as well as Load Sensing and Flow Sharing valves. They also produce Hydraulic remote controls, electronic components and PHC systems.

Hydrastore are a mainline partner of Hydrocontrol in the UK meaning we carry a large stock of components which we can deliver quickly and efficiently throughout the country.

Within the mobile hydraulics sector in the UK, Hydrocontrol hydraulic load sensing valves are commonly applied to locomotives and heavy goods vehicles (HGV). By measuring how far the suspension of a vehicle has dropped under load, they can sense the weight of payload. This information can then be used to adjust the pressure in the brake cylinders up or down according to the load measurement.

Hydrocontrol bring a wealth of technological expertise and manufacturing excellence to their line of flow sharing valve components. Flow sharing is a method of pressure compensation in hydraulic systems which allows controlled channels of fluid to be proportionally allocated irrespective of the total pump output. Essentially this is to prevent the fluid from taking the path of least resistance.

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