Kawasaki Hydraulic Components

Hydrastore is Kawasaki's official system partner in the UK. This means we are advantageously placed to benefit from their tier 1 pricing bracket, as well as immediate access to their Precision Machinery manufacturing plant in Plymouth. Take a look through the range of Kawasaki hydraulic pumps and motors we have in stock, ready for dispatch.

Kawasaki Precision Machinery Official UK Distributors

Kawasaki Precision Machinery is a leader in the fields of hydraulic engineering and technology. The Kawasaki brand is synonymous with innovation and first-class manufacturing quality standards for hydraulic systems and components with a vast range of applications.

Kawasaki manufactures a wide range of hydraulic piston pumps and motors which can be applied to both open and closed circuit systems. Covering a vast array of hydraulic applications and with a global reach, Kawasaki pumps and motors provide infallibly reliable solutions which are both cost-effective and provide maximum return on investment.

Kawasaki Mobile Hydraulic Solutions

With world-leading manufacturing excellence developed over the last 50 years, Kawasaki presents an impeccable product range unmatched in terms of efficiency and performance. Hydrastore can advise and supply Kawasaki machinery solutions for virtually any mobile hydraulic application across the whole of the UK.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Kawasaki's pumps have been originated to meet the needs of the modern era such as compact design and high efficiency. Whether the application requires an open circuit system for an industrial mobile hydraulic setup or a closed circuit implementation with hydrostatic transmissions, you can be assured of a solution unmatched in longevity and integrity.

The motor range offered by Kawasaki consists of radial piston motors which are low-speed and high-torque. They can produce a very smooth flow under extreme pressure and are ideal for applications such as industrial machine tools, high-pressure units, hydraulic suspension control, and the renewable energy sector.

Hydraulic Motors From Kawasaki

Axial piston motors are suited for the most arduous and exacting applications such as excavators and other construction machinery, mobile crusher drives, cranes and drill rigs. Each of the motors manufactured by Kawasaki has been optimised with regard to options, life span, package size and installation costs.

Kawasaki offers numerous solutions for hydraulic axial piston circuits that cover all applications. The Kawasaki M7V is suitable for use in drill rigs and crane winch systems or any circuit with hydrostatic transmissions. For a compact fixed displacement swash plate type axial piston hydraulic motor with a built-in parking brake the M5X is ideal. The fixed M3X and variable M3B (M3X/M3B series) displacement versions are used in mobile crusher drives, cranes and drill rigs.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Open Circuit Pumps

For over 50 years Kawasaki has been designing and manufacturing axial piston pumps that are global leaders in efficiency and performance. The Kawasaki K3V and Kawasaki K5V series has been designed with mobile excavators in focus, and now the most efficient axial pump to date is joining the series - the Kawasaki K7VG. Following on from the K3V pump series the Kawasaki K3VL axial piston pump is a variable displacement axial pump of swash plate design. The K3VL series is designed for applications such as in mobile and industrial settings.

The Kawasaki K3V, K5V and K7V series have been purposed built to take on all medium to heavy-duty open circuit systems across mobile, industrial, marine and various other applications.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Components In Stock At Hydrastore

Hydrastore can supply Kawasaki axial piston motors, Staffa radial piston motors and pump solutions for virtually any mobile hydraulic application spanning the whole of the UK. Taking time to tackle and fully understand each customer's operational demands is key to supplying the most practical solution. Only once the circumstances of any issue is understood can the correct outcome be arrived at, one that should improve productivity and ensure a good return on investment.

Whether employing mainline components from the standard Kawasaki component catalogue or designing a bespoke and fully integrated mobile hydraulic power unit, Hydrastore, based in the UK, should be your first and last port of call for Kawasaki pump and motor components.

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