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Relief valves, direct acting and double cross line hydraulic components

Pressure relief valve components used to manage and restrict build up in a pressurised hydraulic system.

Hydrastore design, manufacture and supply a high quality range of hydraulic relief valves. We have many years of experience in the hydraulics industry and can supply innovative and cost effective products to meet your application challenges.

A relief valve, also known as a pressure relief valve, is a form of safety valve used to manage and restrict build up in a pressurised hydraulic system. Overpressure refers to any circumstance under which a system exceeds maximum allowable working pressure specified in the design.

The relief valve allows venting on an over-pressurised system and ensures the safety of operational personnel in the vicinity as well as prolonging the life of the hydraulic power unit and peripheral machinery. Venting takes place along an auxiliary flow way away from the system.

Acting as a path of least resistance, the relief valve opens when the pressure exceeds that of the set level. An allocation of the fluid is then rerouted to relieve the system.

As the fluid is drawn away, the pressure inside the vessel begins to subside. Once the valve's reseating pressure has been attained, the valve will close. The relief of the liquid is usually stated as a percentage of set pressure and can vary from around 2 to 20%. This can be adjustable in some cases.

Mobile hydraulic valves are used primarily to control fluid system variables, such as mass flow and compression. These invariably rely on some form of electricity to power them. A relief valve must be effective enough to continue operation during a period of power loss when application controls are not functioning. Therefore the pressure relief valve is powered by the fluid within the system.

Hydrastore have an integral understanding of the challenges of mobile hydraulic component manufacture. Reliability is governed by the complexity of any hydraulic component, therefore the design of Hydrastore's relief valve range is straightforward, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Hydrastore's relief valve range consists of a number of products manufactured to exacting quality standards within a range of operational conditions. These include:

  • Direct acting relief valves
    Flow throttling occurs when the inlet pressure begins to rise, maximum flow rate varies between 40 and 120lpm depending on your specification.
  • Double cross line direct acting relief valves
    Also referred to as dual cross, these is made up of two pressure relief valves where crossed tanking occurs, this relieves pressure to a specific setting for two ports of a hydraulic motor, maximum flow rate of 40lpm.

Hydrastore have considerable expertise gained from many years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile hydraulic systems. Get in touch with one of our experts now to discuss your relief valve component supply requirements.