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Hydrastore is the exclusive UK partner of Hetronic with huge stocks and Hetronic radio repair capabilities.

Hetronic Radio Control

Hetronic Radio Control Product Range

As exclusive UK partners of Hetronic, Hydrastore is able to offer a full complement of wireless radio remote control solutions from their mainline portfolio. Please browse through our range of Hetronic transmitters, receivers and custom solutions.

We're The Sole UK Distributor For Hetronic Remote Control Components

Hydrastore is the sole representative for Hetronic remote control components in the UK. Our large stock of Hetronic products includes many industry standard wireless radio remote control systems which are used in conjunction with a vast array of applied industrial hydraulic solutions.

Wireless Radio Transmitter Pioneers

Hetronic is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of wireless radio transmitter systems. These allow operators of hydraulic systems to reliably, and at a safe distance, control heavy machinery used in a varying number of industries. Construction equipment requiring wireless radio operation might include concrete pumps, excavators, pipeline, tunnelling, drilling and digging machinery. When working with such machinery safety of the operator is paramount. Hetronic has also been influential in supplying innovative solutions for rail operations and the locomotive market. Oil and gas exploration platforms is another industry application where the reliability and safety of wireless remote controls must meet exacting standards.

The Hetronic Transmitter Range

Hetronic transmitter range consists of; the ergonomically efficient BellyPacks; the complex, multi-function controls of the Harness style transmitter; the rugged One-hand Button style remote control which can be used under virtually any operating condition; Multiple-Frequency Sharing H-Link technology; the H-Touch which provides operation on mobile auxiliary equipment; and Explosion Proof remote controls, custom engineered to precise industry benchmarks, for use in hazardous working conditions. Their wide ranging, technologically advanced radio control transmitter applications are helping to drive UK industry forward.

Hetronic Receiver Solutions

The receiver range offered by Hetronic, and stocked by Hydrastore in the UK, includes many solutions for all kinds of mobile and stationary machine operation. Applications may require AC- or DC-powered relays, serial interface turnout or solid state; Hydrastore can match the Hetronic receiver to any application or system requested by their clients. The right solution is critical for protecting operators and equipment in dangerous conditions where safety, and the integrity of radio controls is paramount. Amongst these appliances, the explosion proof receivers, stocked in the UK by Hydrastore, have been tested for specific applications against hazardous zone 1 & 2 gas and zone 21 & 22 dust environments.

Custom Hetronic Wireless Solutions

Hydrastore can supply Hetronic wireless solutions for virtually any operational control application across the whole of the UK. Taking time to fully get-to-grips with and understand each customer's challenges is key to supplying the most effective solution. Only once the context of any problem is understood can the correct outcome be arrived at, one that should improve productivity and ensure a good return-on-investment. Whether employing mainline components from the standard Hetronic components catalogue, or designing a bespoke and fully integrated remote control solution as part of a larger scale hydraulic system, Hydrastore, based in the UK, should be your first and last port of call for radio control systems and components.

Hetronic Radio Control Repairs

As the exclusive UK distributor for Hetronic radio control components Hydrastore is fully equipped to undertake Hetronic radio repairs of the highest standard. If you have a faulty Hetronic part please contact our friendly team and we will look for the quickest and most cost-effective solution to solve your issue.

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